Its amazing what you find

I started cleaning out B1 and B2 this morning to get an idea of what i ended up with…

I now have 3 jacks and wheel braces, all original parts (last week i was trying to buy one….)

I found B1 has a working Factory Original Radio and Cassette Deck – 1979 state of the art!


The next bit was a great find… the original Owners Manual from B1 and other than faded and dog eared cover the book is in near new condition… funny given the condition B1 is in.WP_001145

I ended up with 3 good useable front guards although the red one has a bit of a hole in the lower panel but is certainly repairable.






I also ended up with a spare radiator in excellent condition, a complete steering column including light and wiper stalks and other odds and ends…

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