Starting B2

Ok so B2 hasnt been started for years.,.,. just sitting in a paddock

so i thought id look over everything and see if i could get her started

Checked the radiator and it was full of coolant and no discolouring

Checked the oil and while old and thick no sign of water in it or sludge

checked the plugs, fairly clean, checked in thru the oil filler cap and traces of oil so looked good

so i took of the air filter cover, hooked up a battery, cold cranked it a couple of times, then dropped some fuel in and kicked her over… and VROOM away she went… purring away almost immediately, after a bit of smoke and crap flew out the exhaust…

runs well, clutch responded and changed thru the gears well… took it for a quick short spin up the block and back and it ran really well…

so now onto cleaning her up to get her on the road…

Its amazing what you find

I started cleaning out B1 and B2 this morning to get an idea of what i ended up with…

I now have 3 jacks and wheel braces, all original parts (last week i was trying to buy one….)

I found B1 has a working Factory Original Radio and Cassette Deck – 1979 state of the art!


The next bit was a great find… the original Owners Manual from B1 and other than faded and dog eared cover the book is in near new condition… funny given the condition B1 is in.WP_001145

I ended up with 3 good useable front guards although the red one has a bit of a hole in the lower panel but is certainly repairable.






I also ended up with a spare radiator in excellent condition, a complete steering column including light and wiper stalks and other odds and ends…

B1 and B2 make it home

so we picked up B1 and B2 this weekend…

took a lot of effort and a fair amount of travelling to get them home. B1 came home late Saturday night, after we loaded it up in the pouring rain

she’s a bit of a mess but here’s some more pics

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B1 has the revolutionary new green grass side protection system…



the engine bay was nice and clean however…



B2 came home today, and was a lot easier to load, after replacing 2 wheels that were flat, and again in the pouring rain. She’s in a lot better nic than B1 on the surface, but i think once we have a good look over her there will be a lot of hidden issues…


here’s some pics

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so after a long hard weekend i have a second project car and a parts car and a whole lot of extra parts as well… now i hoped and prayed that B1 had a great dash pad…. it had carpety felt stuck down over it… and when i peeled the edges back it looked good…

so i peeled back some more…


its stuffed 🙁

so while i may be able to possibly reskin this one… i think the search remains…

Meet B1 and B2

I needed a parts car… so have been watching on eBay and Gumtree and there hasn’t been any recently.

2 nights ago i thought i would post on Facebook in the local Horsham and Hamilton Buy Swap and Sell groups and see if anyone had any parts or cars for sale.

I was not expecting anyone to respond but i figured why not.

Well I am glad i did I have been able to purchase 2 of them, I am yet to inspect and pick them up (hopefully next weekend) but it looks like I have got a GE or GH, minus its front end panels, and a complete GJ, both yellow in colour hence B1 and B2….

This is B1

947323_4989420899698_1202362198_n 971042_4989420699693_1210518756_n 401871_4989420979700_2133610005_n

here is B2

973924_4993331117451_1551819462_n 424627_4989421259707_1142898797_n 972315_4989420859697_1660664066_n 969821_4989420939699_2133434457_n

I will post some more pics up when i go down and pick them up