Meet B1 and B2

I needed a parts car… so have been watching on eBay and Gumtree and there hasn’t been any recently.

2 nights ago i thought i would post on Facebook in the local Horsham and Hamilton Buy Swap and Sell groups and see if anyone had any parts or cars for sale.

I was not expecting anyone to respond but i figured why not.

Well I am glad i did I have been able to purchase 2 of them, I am yet to inspect and pick them up (hopefully next weekend) but it looks like I have got a GE or GH, minus its front end panels, and a complete GJ, both yellow in colour hence B1 and B2….

This is B1

947323_4989420899698_1202362198_n 971042_4989420699693_1210518756_n 401871_4989420979700_2133610005_n

here is B2

973924_4993331117451_1551819462_n 424627_4989421259707_1142898797_n 972315_4989420859697_1660664066_n 969821_4989420939699_2133434457_n

I will post some more pics up when i go down and pick them up

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