Here is a bit of a WishList of Parts, improvements, accessories i want to add to the car as i restore her

Stereo/SatNav system with Reversing Camera

While its not brand name ive seen these great 2din units which will fit into the centre console with some slight modification, and they have all the latest functions, Blue Tooth, GPS/SatNat, Reversing Camera, DVD, Digitial TV tuner, Radio and more…



Angel Eyes and Upgraded Headlights

going to add in some angel eyes and new up-rated bulbs


New Rubber

After much research and hunting down ive decided to go with some rubber to suit the cars CSA Bathurst Globe 14 Inch rims.


Firestone Indy 500 215/70/R14

should give it the old school look!

also found Rare Spares have a complete rubber seals kit for the doors and boot so that will go on as well

New Suspension

Going to lower the car sitting it on new lowered King Springs


New Badging

Given the engine in it is technically a 156 Hemi, and in the US it was sold as a Dodge i found some great badges to put on it under the 2.6 badging that it normally has:


Also will add an Original Chrysler Australia Badge to the Dash to replace the ugly Mitsubishi one…


Remote Keyless Entry/Central Locking + Remote Keyless Start

decided to go a bit modern so am fitting a remote keyless entry/central locking system and remote start system

Power Windows

Adding Power Windows to all 4 windows along with Tinting


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