Prepping B2 for roadworthy

spent today prepping B2 for Roadworthy.

On inspection i found a fair few small and potentially troublesome spots of bubble rust and a few scratches in the paint down to the metal so we have removed and treated the rust, filled sanded and primed all these small spots today.

new mirrors were fitted and we are finishing up installing the stereo and tidying up the interior, giving it a good clean.

Next weekend weather permitting will look to finish off the paint work on her and get her a roadworthy and registered the following week.

heres some pics of todays work:

WP_001337 WP_001338 WP_001339 WP_001340 WP_001341 WP_001342 WP_001344 WP_001345 WP_001346 WP_001347 WP_001348 WP_001349 WP_001350 WP_001351 WP_001352 WP_001353 WP_001354 WP_001355 WP_001356 WP_001357 WP_001358 WP_001359 WP_001360 WP_001361 WP_001362 WP_001363 WP_001364 WP_001365 WP_001366 WP_001367 WP_001368 WP_001369

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