The Brown Hornet

My last Scorpion was also a 1980 GH model

I bought it in 1996 from a guy on a property near Goulburn NSW and it was my daily driver

I did a ground up restoration on the engine and transmission, new suspension and replaced most of the running gear on it.

It survived a couple of years of Life at Mt Buffalo and 3 years of life at Mt Buller and in 2000 season got buried under 3 foot of snow in early May and couldn’t be dug out till mid June!


brown5 brown4  Brown1


I will find some more pics when i have a chance but sadly it ended up with an inglorious ending being mounted by a Ford Laser and chased by a Magna

Photo (25)

I had it all stripped down to restore, had spent a lot of money on the running gear and engine etc but had no room for it at the old house, no garage and no money … so sadly it went away for scrap!

god i wish i had not done that as parts are so hard to find now…and it had a perfect dash pad…Arrrggghhh!

3 thoughts on “The Brown Hornet

  1. Hi,
    Hope this gets to you I’m new to sigma galant forum.
    I’m interested in a dash pad, I have two GE Scorpions just finished restoring one now restoring the other. You have a good collection! It’s getting hard to find parts for these old girls. Also wondering how you can get the exact shape for the repro dash pad? The best dash pad I’ve found was intact but was warped badly.
    Thanks nathan

    • Hi Nathan

      I’ve been experimenting with some extruded moulds from an intact dash i have in one of my cars that isn’t warped. I haven’t quite got the process correct yet, but hope to in the next few weeks, where i can then start getting it to a point where i can offer them to those who need them.

      Cheers Steve

      • Hi, this is a massive long shot I know but did you ever end up doing anything with the dash pads? I have a ’79 Scorpion that the dash has disintegrated on… I either need to try to re-create it somehow (no idea!) or find one…

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