sanding sanding sanding and yet more sanding… sigh!

got stuck back into prepping the Blue Bitch for paint… Rubbed right back and then 2k hi-fill primer. Spending this weekend doing final wet rub to primer… Going down to 800 think it should be right… Also going to get the Grey Ghost ready for colour too … Although it will be a while before i get to it….

A bit of an update

Its been a while since I have updated the site as there’s been a lot going on over the past year.

B2 car was towed away without warning by the council, as it was parked unregistered on the road (although it had a permit).  I was extremely annoyed by this and unfortunately didn’t have the $ they wanted to charge me to reclaim it so i believe it was sold off. NOT IMPRESSED as it was ready to go…

The other cars are currently in storage in a paddock near Horsham (all covered) as we have moved to Ballarat and we are still trying to find a suitable workshop or garage to allow us to work on them and store them.

Prepping B2 for roadworthy

spent today prepping B2 for Roadworthy.

On inspection i found a fair few small and potentially troublesome spots of bubble rust and a few scratches in the paint down to the metal so we have removed and treated the rust, filled sanded and primed all these small spots today.

new mirrors were fitted and we are finishing up installing the stereo and tidying up the interior, giving it a good clean.

Next weekend weather permitting will look to finish off the paint work on her and get her a roadworthy and registered the following week.

heres some pics of todays work:

WP_001337 WP_001338 WP_001339 WP_001340 WP_001341 WP_001342 WP_001344 WP_001345 WP_001346 WP_001347 WP_001348 WP_001349 WP_001350 WP_001351 WP_001352 WP_001353 WP_001354 WP_001355 WP_001356 WP_001357 WP_001358 WP_001359 WP_001360 WP_001361 WP_001362 WP_001363 WP_001364 WP_001365 WP_001366 WP_001367 WP_001368 WP_001369

Getting B2 ready to go on the road

Connor and I started getting B2 ready to go on the road today.

1st step is a good wash then a cut and polish which will take a few days to complete

1234324_10201831089195733_1694323418_n 1209062_10201831090275760_522967182_n 1173706_10201831091275785_615715522_n


A good scrub of the interior is next on the list for tomorrow


Installing some Sony and Pioneer speakers into the car from Horsham Auto Wreckers along with a Kenwood CD head unit with detachable face.

A new Battery has gone in ready as well

Have a small issue with the Ignition system … it wont start 🙁

I think its a problem with the starter solenoid and a few wacks with a universal screwdriver did not help it along either so may have to get an electrician out to look at it.

all thats left to do now is:

– remove the windscreen and clean out the edge rust

– rub out two small bubble rust spots on the bonnet

– refit the wipers and a new windscreen

– roadworthy and rego


so hopefully will have it on the road to do a few runs during the School Holidays….(money and Weather dependent)

then back onto the Blue Bitch now that the weathers getting better…

Starting B2

Ok so B2 hasnt been started for years.,.,. just sitting in a paddock

so i thought id look over everything and see if i could get her started

Checked the radiator and it was full of coolant and no discolouring

Checked the oil and while old and thick no sign of water in it or sludge

checked the plugs, fairly clean, checked in thru the oil filler cap and traces of oil so looked good

so i took of the air filter cover, hooked up a battery, cold cranked it a couple of times, then dropped some fuel in and kicked her over… and VROOM away she went… purring away almost immediately, after a bit of smoke and crap flew out the exhaust…

runs well, clutch responded and changed thru the gears well… took it for a quick short spin up the block and back and it ran really well…

so now onto cleaning her up to get her on the road…

Its amazing what you find

I started cleaning out B1 and B2 this morning to get an idea of what i ended up with…

I now have 3 jacks and wheel braces, all original parts (last week i was trying to buy one….)

I found B1 has a working Factory Original Radio and Cassette Deck – 1979 state of the art!


The next bit was a great find… the original Owners Manual from B1 and other than faded and dog eared cover the book is in near new condition… funny given the condition B1 is in.WP_001145

I ended up with 3 good useable front guards although the red one has a bit of a hole in the lower panel but is certainly repairable.






I also ended up with a spare radiator in excellent condition, a complete steering column including light and wiper stalks and other odds and ends…

B1 and B2 make it home

so we picked up B1 and B2 this weekend…

took a lot of effort and a fair amount of travelling to get them home. B1 came home late Saturday night, after we loaded it up in the pouring rain

she’s a bit of a mess but here’s some more pics

??????? ? ?????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????

B1 has the revolutionary new green grass side protection system…



the engine bay was nice and clean however…



B2 came home today, and was a lot easier to load, after replacing 2 wheels that were flat, and again in the pouring rain. She’s in a lot better nic than B1 on the surface, but i think once we have a good look over her there will be a lot of hidden issues…


here’s some pics

?????????????? ?????? ?????? ?????????????????? ????? ? ???????

so after a long hard weekend i have a second project car and a parts car and a whole lot of extra parts as well… now i hoped and prayed that B1 had a great dash pad…. it had carpety felt stuck down over it… and when i peeled the edges back it looked good…

so i peeled back some more…


its stuffed 🙁

so while i may be able to possibly reskin this one… i think the search remains…