Getting B2 ready to go on the road

Connor and I started getting B2 ready to go on the road today.

1st step is a good wash then a cut and polish which will take a few days to complete

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A good scrub of the interior is next on the list for tomorrow


Installing some Sony and Pioneer speakers into the car from Horsham Auto Wreckers along with a Kenwood CD head unit with detachable face.

A new Battery has gone in ready as well

Have a small issue with the Ignition system … it wont start 🙁

I think its a problem with the starter solenoid and a few wacks with a universal screwdriver did not help it along either so may have to get an electrician out to look at it.

all thats left to do now is:

– remove the windscreen and clean out the edge rust

– rub out two small bubble rust spots on the bonnet

– refit the wipers and a new windscreen

– roadworthy and rego


so hopefully will have it on the road to do a few runs during the School Holidays….(money and Weather dependent)

then back onto the Blue Bitch now that the weathers getting better…

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