Starting B2

Ok so B2 hasnt been started for years.,.,. just sitting in a paddock

so i thought id look over everything and see if i could get her started

Checked the radiator and it was full of coolant and no discolouring

Checked the oil and while old and thick no sign of water in it or sludge

checked the plugs, fairly clean, checked in thru the oil filler cap and traces of oil so looked good

so i took of the air filter cover, hooked up a battery, cold cranked it a couple of times, then dropped some fuel in and kicked her over… and VROOM away she went… purring away almost immediately, after a bit of smoke and crap flew out the exhaust…

runs well, clutch responded and changed thru the gears well… took it for a quick short spin up the block and back and it ran really well…

so now onto cleaning her up to get her on the road…

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