The Good, The Bad and the Downright Ugly

ok after getting her home and giving her a clean we have gone thru her to see how bad she is…


Ok mechanically we found that it idle’s really roughly and seems to be running really rich… and it sounds like a thumping big V8


the good news is it hasnt used any oil or coolant and doesnt appear to have any leaks anywhere and other than dirt and old age was looking quite clean…

It does really need a good service, and tune up however.


The transmission seems a bit racy and jumpy when dropping from park to reverse and to drive, but other than that seems to be very serviceable and it behaved fine on the four hour drive home.

I really don’t want to consider the expense of a rebuild or replacement of this at this stage…

Air Con

Yes it has Factory Air!

however while its all there and runs it is not cold and will definitely need a pressure test and regas as the seals are more than likely worn, will worry about this before summer.


The interior was in very good original condition, the seats, carpet, door skins are all in good nick other than a tiny hole in the drivers seat vinyl


and a weird burn mark in the back seat vinyl


it has an old Kenwood stero and Amp and a 4 speaker system with Alpine 6 inch speakers… pumps out a great sound for something so old


electrically everything works fine apart form the overhead console switches, which have perished and need replacing


Then there was the dash pad 🙁


but more about it later…


Generally speaking the car looks at a distance to be in good condition however the paint work is very badly cracked hazed and worn, in some parts right thru into the undercoats

there is some bubble rust in the drivers door skin


the drivers sill has some rot


the driver side guard however is rotted right thru and will need replacing 🙁


oddly the rust is only on the drivers side and the rest of the car appears free of rust!

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