The Dashboard

ok this thing is going to be the bain of my existence 🙁


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as you can see its beyond repair…  and i attempted to remove it and ended up with


as you can see there wasnt much left 🙁 and im desperately trying to find one that’s serviceable or can be repaired…

Ive even tried searching in Japan, Malaysia, Phillipines and the UK

if anyone knows of one available anywhere let me know!


The Body Colour and Look

Ok i’ve toyed with a few ideas on what to do respray wise, and at the moment its going to come down to budget and lack thereof

Im going to give it a clean sleek look by removing a lot of the un-neccesary chrome and door mouldings and am inspired by a few scorpions ive found in Google Images

I was originally considering doing a candy colour as i want a really super glossy deep finish

i was sold on this colour:


sadly costs and my inability to spray it myself means i wont go this route, however heres a few cars i love the look of



this last one and this image sold me on doing it the same colour as it is now but with a really deep finish.


this is a mark one Challenger Nice….’

so the winner at this stage is to spray with Acrylic using the Original Chrysler colour B22 which is known as Jamaica Blue Metallic or Bright Blue Poly


While im going to do it in acrylic, which is what it was originally sprayed in i will wet sand it and clear coat it to give it some depth and gloss…

The Plan!

ok the ultimate plan would be to restore her as a weekend driver and show car…

who am i kidding i don’t have that sort of money!

so for now the plan is to do the following:

  • Remove the Rust and Repair
  • Do a basic respray
  • Replace the Dash pad
  • New Tyres
  • New Lowered Suspension
  • New Headlights
  • New Stereo
  • Tinted Windows
  • Power Windows
  • Remote Central Locking/ Key Less Entry + Keyless Start
  • Full Service and Tune Up
  • Get her roadworthy and registered

along the way I am sure i will find things i want to add or do to her but for now that’s the plan, and hopefully this can all be completed in spare time before Summer

The Good, The Bad and the Downright Ugly

ok after getting her home and giving her a clean we have gone thru her to see how bad she is…


Ok mechanically we found that it idle’s really roughly and seems to be running really rich… and it sounds like a thumping big V8


the good news is it hasnt used any oil or coolant and doesnt appear to have any leaks anywhere and other than dirt and old age was looking quite clean…

It does really need a good service, and tune up however.


The transmission seems a bit racy and jumpy when dropping from park to reverse and to drive, but other than that seems to be very serviceable and it behaved fine on the four hour drive home.

I really don’t want to consider the expense of a rebuild or replacement of this at this stage…

Air Con

Yes it has Factory Air!

however while its all there and runs it is not cold and will definitely need a pressure test and regas as the seals are more than likely worn, will worry about this before summer.


The interior was in very good original condition, the seats, carpet, door skins are all in good nick other than a tiny hole in the drivers seat vinyl


and a weird burn mark in the back seat vinyl


it has an old Kenwood stero and Amp and a 4 speaker system with Alpine 6 inch speakers… pumps out a great sound for something so old


electrically everything works fine apart form the overhead console switches, which have perished and need replacing


Then there was the dash pad 🙁


but more about it later…


Generally speaking the car looks at a distance to be in good condition however the paint work is very badly cracked hazed and worn, in some parts right thru into the undercoats

there is some bubble rust in the drivers door skin


the drivers sill has some rot


the driver side guard however is rotted right thru and will need replacing 🙁


oddly the rust is only on the drivers side and the rest of the car appears free of rust!

How i came about getting the Scorpion

Ive been wanting a bit of a project and stress relief for some time now and had been watching eBay and saw Scorpions come and go every now and again and when i saw this one come up and with no bids and a buy it now of $500 i figured i would enquire and see if it was a runner…

It Was!

something about the colour caught my eye initially i think, and the fact that in the photos


the car looked straight and the interior was clean apart from that dashpad…

oh what a mess that is.


so spur of the moment i decided to buy it and travelled down to Melbourne by Bus and Train my the 8 year old in tow.. to pick it up, with a day permit from Vic Roads in hand…

Other than having a tyre that was low and an idling problem when i first took off it ran well and handled the 4 hour trip home with ease and sat on 110 on the Freeway with ease…

It did however sound like a thumping V8!