The Body Colour and Look

Ok i’ve toyed with a few ideas on what to do respray wise, and at the moment its going to come down to budget and lack thereof

Im going to give it a clean sleek look by removing a lot of the un-neccesary chrome and door mouldings and am inspired by a few scorpions ive found in Google Images

I was originally considering doing a candy colour as i want a really super glossy deep finish

i was sold on this colour:


sadly costs and my inability to spray it myself means i wont go this route, however heres a few cars i love the look of



this last one and this image sold me on doing it the same colour as it is now but with a really deep finish.


this is a mark one Challenger Nice….’

so the winner at this stage is to spray with Acrylic using the Original Chrysler colour B22 which is known as Jamaica Blue Metallic or Bright Blue Poly


While im going to do it in acrylic, which is what it was originally sprayed in i will wet sand it and clear coat it to give it some depth and gloss…

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